The Covergirl Session Trend

The Covergirl Session at Pieter Photography is a real experience of a lifetime.

It is noticeable that Covergirl photo shootings are very popular lately. The Covergirl Photoshoot. But is this really a new trend or is it just an old photography trend in a new look. I went looking for the origin of the Covergirl trend and what I can do here at Pieter Photography. Fits it within my offered photo services?

I think she is the most famous of this time

When I was looking around who introduced the trend of the magazine-inspired women's photo, I came across a photographer from New Zealand. It is the now world famous portrait photographer Sue Bryce.

Not only has she succeeded in taking the portrait photography to a higher level, she is also a very inspiring business woman. She now helps photographers around the world to make their own photography company a to a success.

During one of her lessons to photographers she dropped the word: Covergirl! And there you have it. She saw that this is a way of photographing that will appeal to many everyday women. Because which woman does not want to be the center of attention as a true Celebrity.

It’s every girl’s dream to be a covergirl - Pieter Photography makes you feel like a Covergirl!

Covergirl for a day

That is what this photo session is all about. The woman is spoiled the whole photo session as if she were a famous person. From make-up, hair styles to a super energetic photo session where your inner woman becomes visible along with the beautiful sides of you and your inner self.

You will not be surprised that it is a very popular way of photographing. And that's what it already is all over the world. Women want to be spoiled and express their true beauty. And that is always clearly visible in the photos.

The Vogue Look

The way the women are photographed actually has a Vogue like appearance. Upon seeing some results, I really have to think about top models that can be seen on the front of a magazine like Vogue.

You can see that these women really shine and have a lot of fun during the photo shoot. For many of these women it will not stay with this one Covergirl photo session but will certainly follow more.

The Covergirl photo session at Pieter Photography show you your real inner person

The Covergirl photo session at Pieter Photography

Now I also offer the Covergirl Photoshoot in my studio. It is a day for you and about you. You will be in the center and together we will make a fantastic day out of it. You will enjoy this day long after. But I will also make sure that you will look at yourself differently from that day. With more passion and self-confidence. And the proof you have on the basis of the photos that will be nicely printed. Ready to be hung on the wall and to share with your family and friends.

Feel free to contact me to book a session.